Three weeks in

I am officially three weeks into my Cambodian adventure, and it is hot hot hot here! We’re hitting about 97 degrees each day, and our breaks on the farm get longer and more frequent as the sun beats down. The farm workers tend to find a shady, out of sight place to rest until the supervisor finds them and orders them back to work. But sometimes the supervisor randomly doesn’t show up, and we have a “slow slow” day with a little bit of work and a lot of rest.image

Our tomatoes and eggplants have been ravaged by insects, so we’ve started spraying a soap spray to kill the little buggers. We are adding in some chili powder and garlic this week to see if the pungent smell will repel insects as well.

A new farm worker has just been hired, and the missionaries hope that he will be able to fill the much-needed role of farm manager here. He is just getting a hang of things and I am hoping that soon he will be able to provide a little more direction on daily tasks. Unfortunately he doesn’t know much English so I will continue to be on my own in figuring out why we are doing certain things. I spent a lot of time this week unsure of what I could or should be doing, which was a little frustrating.

imageimageimageimageAll of the farm and woodshop workers went out to dinner on Friday afternoon. I rode a “motobike” for the first time! We had the Khmer equivalent of hot pot at a restaurant along the river, and even though I couldn’t understand most of the conversation, I really enjoyed spending time with them.

Someone translated  Sunday morning’s church service for us Americans, and I really am thankful to God that I got to understand this week! I’ve definitely been missing deep Christian fellowship and Bible study. I’ve been keeping up with my church’s sermon series, but there is nothing like discussing spiritual things with friends and learning from the knowledge and wisdom of others.

This experience has definitely been growing my heart for my community back home. Now that I am experiencing what it is like to be far from home, unable to understand the language, and unfamiliar with the culture, I have an even deeper desire to be an encouragement to recent immigrants and refugees in the Bay Area. I have been so encouraged by the locals who have taken the time to show me around, teach me a few words in their language, and give me a glimpse into their lives.

Thank you again for your prayers and notes. Over and over God is granting me patience and love when I am frustrated and tired. Please pray for wisdom to know how God would have me use my time and for continued deepening of relationships here.



2 thoughts on “Three weeks in

  1. Thank you for letting us get a glimpse into your life, Anna. It sounds so hard lacking direction and deep community. I trust the Lord will give you the strength to persevere and serve through the loneliness, and He will use you to do a lot of good, too!!! I love you and pray for you, sweet friend!

  2. Oh wow! I am excited to hear the things you are realizing as you faithfully endure. I love the pictures and am happy you have had some translation. I am praying for you! I love you, Aunt Susan

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