Cru Goes Greek!

No, not Greek like people from Greece. Not Greek like the language (although a few of our students know it!). Greek as in fraternities and sororities.

Something that’s really bothered me the last few years is that there have been virtually no Christian groups reaching out to students in the Greek system. They’re not even the “cool kids” on campus here. They’re just average students but Christians seem to avoid them like the plague. Maybe it has to do with drinking, which many Christian students disapprove of. Maybe it’s because they’re so busy with Greek events that they can’t make it to other group events. Maybe it’s because of the horror stories every RA tells their freshmen to keep them “safe.” Whatever the reason is, it’s a PROBLEM.

Look at our role, as given in the Bible.

Acts 1:8

New International Version (NIV)

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Yep, that’s right. The ends of the earth. The ends of our campus. Every student. So Cru is going Greek!

For the first time ever, we have an “action group” dedicated to Greek ministry. This group is made up of students in fraternities and sororities who come together for Bible study and work together to start spiritual conversations in their houses and at social events. The group is brand new, so we only have a few students involved right now. But God keeps bringing students to US who are interested in being a part of it.

We started the quarter with an outreach event. The first night that all freshmen have moved in, there are massive parties up and down Greek Row and freshmen go house to house looking for a good time. We partnered with Chi Phi, a fraternity in the center of the action. They graciously let us use their lawn and helped us set up a BBQ and brownie station to pass out free hot dogs and cookies to the students hopping from house to house. Frat parties generally focus on alcohol and drugs rather than food, so any source of food is bound to be a hit on these big party nights. At about 10:15pm, the action began.


We had a blast, every single one of us. We passed out hundreds of hot dogs and met so many different students. From nervous freshmen looking for a friendly face to completely smashed upperclassmen, the students were genuinely excited to get some food and talk for a while. We got to know some of the Chi Phi guys pretty well too, as they spent some time with us as well. Nearly every student asked, “Why are you doing this?” And why WERE we doing it? Simply to love on students and let them know we are a spiritual resource on campus. To let them know that Christians and Greeks CAN hang out together and ENJOY it!


Some of our student leaders passing out food

Things are never boring on party nights. A Chi Phi guy came running out of the house in his boxers and a Santa hat with a lamp connected to the longest extension cord I have ever seen. “Want some light?” he sheepishly asked us as his brothers yelled at him to put some clothes on. Thanks,  Santa! Later, about 300 people came walking by at once. One of the houses up the street had just gotten shut down by the police, and everyone was walking past us to the next house. A slice of beautiful cake appeared, as well as a rock climbing carabiner someone had stolen from the previous house. Due to some…comments…made about the cake, we realized it was drugged and it just sat there all night. Three hours and many hugs later, we ran out of food and had to pack up. It was 12:30am and the parties going strong.

Pray for this ministry as it grows. Praise God for all of the doors He’s opened in setting up a Greek action group and for the students who have been coming.


the cake…


3 thoughts on “Cru Goes Greek!

  1. Seriously?! A special cake?! What a wild night! So stoked that you guys are going Greek this year. I’ve been praying for some Davis Cru students to rush for awhile now! Cru STARTED on Greek row; with the intimate relationships, people SEE when Jesus changes lives, and the gospel spreads like wildfire! I LOVE what you guys are doing!!

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