And so it begins…


Thousands of new students are moving into the dorms this weekend, and we’ve spent the last week planning events and outreaches to build relationships with them. Welcome Week can be hell for freshmen, transfers, and international students (away from home, no friends, language barriers, weird roommates, peer pressure, rednecks) but it’s also the week when they start checking out campus organizations.

Surveys have shown that they tend to stick with whatever group interests them the most in the first six weeks. So we try to be OH SO INTERESTING. Glow-in-the dark capture the flag, free pizza, sports days, free water bottles, sardines in the Death Star (yes that is a building), free dessert, bowling in the student union, free pizza. Yes, college students like free things, in case you haven’t noticed. So guess who’s helping?

servant team

Hi Freshmen, Transfers, and International Students!!! Wanna be my friend??

This is our FANTASTIC servant team. The past two days has been planning time 9am-3pm, and I am so impressed. These students are totally throwing themselves into ministry despite their fears and have come up with some awesome ideas. We prayed often, practiced conflict resolution, studied the Bible, and discussed how important it is to reach freshmen in particular. We spent some time reflecting on the “armor of God” in Ephesians 6 and saw that the only way we will make an impact is if we are trusting God, grounding ourselves in truth, and relying on the Holy Spirit for strength. I have a feeling that this team of student leaders is going to be more effective than any I have seen in Davis in the last four years.

welcome week flyer

Just a few of our events this weeek…



We also packed 2500 water bottles with flyers to pass out…the annual PACKING PARTY!!!

091 090 082

I’ve also gotten to do some international student ministry this week…Cru had a table at the International Student Fair this week, and my roommate Jane is helping out with her church. She had her first year as an international student four years ago, so God is really putting these students on her heart.

Resource Fair!

Resource Fair!

Last picture, I promise. This is Jaden, our staff directors’ son. I got lots of cuddle time this week and he was so good during our long meetings. It’s so fun watching him learn to talk in sentences!


He sees the picture and cries “It’s Jaden!!!”


4 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Crazynessssss! When do all the freshmen move in at? It’s still nice n quiet around here, but I think move in day is Thursday.

    p.s. it was good to see a pic of you with a kid :). Brings back good memories. (We can’t wake the elephants!!!)

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