the Lord’s last walk through Eden

I’m going through this thing called Cru Doctrine in my preparation for interning with Cru. It goes through basic Christian doctrine, and I am learning A TON. I just did a module on the state of humanity- how we were created to be in the image of God but that we are just broken mirrors of his glory now. This clip was included, and it gave me a whole new perspective on the fall of humanity.

I never thought about what God was thinking during His last walk through Eden. But He KNEW it was the end of Eden. The end of his perfect, beautiful creation. The beginning of sin and the struggle to bring people back into a relationship with him. No more long walks with his children in the peaceful splendor of the garden. Now His rivers would flood and destroy. His creatures would destroy each other. His plants would no longer thrive but battle diseases and humans. And His most precious creations, humans, the climax of his creativity and desire, would step away from him. Some forever.

But what I think this clip is missing, is God’s plan of redemption. God already KNEW Eden would end. Before Eden started, His plan to send Christ to save us was already in motion. How hard must it be for Him to watch His children walk away. But how WONDERFUL must it be to see the joy on their faces when they realize that, yes, they can return.


One thought on “the Lord’s last walk through Eden

  1. I love these posts. I look forward to them every time I see one in my inbox. It gives me so much hope that all the kids who are flailing will discover that they can come back and what joy that will bring to the Father.

    Just read Kingsleys post … Was so encouraging to see what he is struggling with… He is do much farther along than his peers. Probably because he is focused on expanding Gods kingdom , not expanding Kingsley…

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