Short-term Mission: FREMONT, CA

I’m back in Fremont! Which is quite pleasant, considering Davis is supposed to be a whopping 108 all week and it’s a pleasant 91 here.


Ahhh Fremont I love you

Coming home to Fremont isn’t a “break” from ministry. It’s just a fun change for a little while that gets me thinking a little differently and learning some things about God that I might not learn in my daily life in Davis. Kind of like a missions trip.  Check it out!


1)The Mission

It’s in the title, it’s got to be important. My mission for the summer is to grow deeper in my faith and prepare to intern with Cru for a full year as well as serve those around me.

2) Meeting Your Team

This is the most awkward part of any mission trip. You meet all these people you never even heard of and they’re your team and you’re working with them. But the cool thing is you’re all united in your mission to reach people with the Gospel. Right now, I am building up a team of financial partners and prayer warriors to support me as I intern with Cru next year. I’m not gonna lie, it can be reeeeally awkward. But it’s also incredibly exciting to meet people who are like-minded in Christ, and I have been so encouraged by their confidence in God’s ability to use me. Like a mission team, these people are now my family and we’re in it together, ups and downs.


If my partners have chickens, does that mean I have chickens on my team too?

3) Cultural Adjustment

Fremont and Davis are polar opposites. I am re-adjusting to Fremont culture, which I absolutely love. I love that I can walk by ten different families at the park and none of them are speaking the same language. I love that the little kids here are actually normal little kids who play on the street. I love my church with its services in 6 languages and its heart to reach our community. And OH how I’ve missed the food.

Festival of India. LOVE IT.

Festival of India. LOVE IT.

4) Outreach

Honestly I wasn’t that excited about serving 4th graders, but this Sunday my heart broke for them as we talked about the pressures put on by their parents, struggles at school, and squabbles with siblings. The girls in my group had no concept of a relationship with Jesus; it was painful to listen to them talk about their faith as a set of rules. I can’t wait to go deeper with them and with the high school girls during the week.


Youth ministry last time we went camping…ridiculous

5) Spiritual Stuff

Missions trips are HARD spiritually. I’ve been loving how much time I have to dig into the Bible and learn more about who God is, and raising support to intern has been faith-stretching to the point of tears (Yes, Anna cries.) God is teaching me about patiently trusting Him, about letting go of the little worries, about letting Him work on me and not trying to fix everything myself. It’s a good hard. But it’s HARD.

6) Family

Usually on a mission trip you adjust to being out of contact with your family. For me, I’m adjusting to living in a family again! I love that there’s always someone to talk to, and our family is becoming more tight-knit as we have TIME together this summer.


We’re not your typical family…


One thought on “Short-term Mission: FREMONT, CA

  1. Congrats on getting chickens on your team of ministry partners! Make sure you send them physical prayer letters in the mail because I don’t think chickens have email. That would just be silly.

    I love your great perspective on returning to Fremont. Loving you and praying for you– your walk with God, MPD, leading the 4th graders, relationships.

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