We had a lovely retreat this past weekend, we got out of PE and went to the middle of NOWHERE and just hung out for a couple days. It was so great to spend quality time with the team, I feel like it’s been hard for me to get to know people well because 1)our team loves watching TV, and 2)I was sick for a week. So a weekend where I was feeling good and we had no TV was awesome. We drove out on Thursday and we made it there without many problems…minus a concussion, a traffic cone, and some goats. Haha something always goes wrong with us. Christina got a concussion in the car because she hit the window (we don’t have enough seatbelts). Then Hannah ran over a traffic cone and it got stuck under the car. And there’s always the goats that are crossing the road… But we made it! On Friday, we took a morning to spend time with God and then we did “clearing the air” which is basically a giant conflict resolution session with the whole team. We talked about issues and misunderstandings, and it was very easy and painless. Our team gets along really well so there wasn’t much to talk about. We spent some time down on the river and then had a birthday dessert for Janelle. We spent the night playing encouragement hot seat, and it was so great to have time to encourage each person on the team.

On Saturday, we just rested and hung out until it was time to leave for the safari. Michael tried to do a backflip on the trampoline and missed…lots of blood, a gash on his head, and a headache but he’s fine! I’m telling you, this team is a doctor’s nightmare. We were all able to go on the safari, even Michael, which was a huge blessing, and it was fantastic! We saw way more stuff than last year, it was stormy so the lions were hunting and the herd animals had all joined into one huge herd to protect each other. I got about two feet away from a rhino, and even closer to a lioness!

Pray for us as we wrap up our time here this week. It’s our last chance to connect the students to the STINT team before we leave, and we’re trying to meet with all of them one last time. Pray that we wouldn’t be stressed by the short amount of time but that we would glorify God in how we use it. Also all the girls were sick this weekend, and we’re still not feeling great, so keep praying for health!


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