Soooo I don’t have any fantastically exciting stories from this week. But I wanted to tell you about one campus we’ve been on that’s been INCREDIBLE. Missionvale is a part of NMMU, and it’s essentially a feeder school for the other campuses. A lot of students come here to catch up on courses they should have had before starting on the other campuses, and they only stay for a year or two. It’s a lot like our junior colleges, except they go straight onto another campus of the same university when they are done. The students are all very young, and the campus is tiny, so everyone knows everyone. It feels like doing ministry at a high school. The very first day our team went to Missionvale, we met Damien. Damien is an Afrikaans student who knows pretty much every single other student on the campus. He had just rededicated his life to Christ a few weeks before we came, so he was really excited to talk with us about the potential opportunity to help start Campus Crusade for Christ on his campus. He is a major influencer; the students already look to him for leadership, entertainment, and guidance. I mean, the minute he walks into the cafeteria he’s instigating something and the other students are following along. Whether it’s making a ruckus or attracting attention to something, Damien is always behind the plan. Then we started meeting other students who are strong Christians and have a passion to see the movement start. Jongo, a Xhosa girl, goes to the student church with us and sought us out before we even talked to her about helping with Campus Crusade. There are about seven students who are eager to lead at this point, and the great thing is that they all already know each other due to the small size of the campus. There’s only two conversations we have at Missionvale- either the person is Christian and wants to be a part of a group, or they accept Christ with us. It’s been incredible to watch God work in these young students’ hearts, and we’ve seen so many start a relationship with God. Please pray that we will be able to get all of the potential leaders together at the same time next week to meet and talk about where we go from here. Praise God for everything he’s doing at Missionvale! It’s an interesting location because it’s in the middle of a township. It just feels wrong, there’s a super nice, relatively new university on a hill with shacks all around it. I wish I could post a better picture but you’ll just have to be patient 🙂

We leave for retreat tomorrow, pray for safety as it’s stormy and we’re driving a little ways to get to the cabins. 

Oh I almost forgot…I can officially drive stick on the other side of the road 🙂 wheeeeeeeeeee!!!! i’m going to be so confused when I drive at home again haha



2 thoughts on “Missionvale

  1. And how weird/awesome to have only those 2 different types of conversations! What’s going to be harder to get used to back in the States– the driving or the evangelism? 🙂

    SO excited for you, Annabelle. Hope you’re enjoying your retreat!!!

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