good morning america :)

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Actually it’s afternoon here. We’re nine hours ahead of you california peeps, so when you’re waking up we’re getting ready to EAT. And oh, how we eat. If there’s one thing this team does really well, it’s eat hahaha. We’ve had far too much fun cooking and exploring the restaurants of PE. Our favorite has to be Cubata, a Portuguese bbq place where piles of ribs and chicken are served family-style. We also discovered a farm stand that’s in the middle of nowhere, and it has the best braai rolls. Basically it’s made with a yeasty dough and cooked on a grill. So good. Can you tell I’m hungry? 🙂

I’m finally starting to feel better, I got taken out by a sinus infection and have spent the last three days mostly in bed. It was torture, I hate not being able to go to campus. But I’m feeling better now, hopefully I’ll get to go to campus tomorrow. Please pray for our team, we still have a lot of sick people and we’ve already had three hospital trips. Sickness has been hard on our team mentally and emotionally too, as it’s difficult to be locked in the house all day and not feeling good when you’re so far from home.

I had the privilege of going to one of the CRU weekly meetings on South campus this week. The students here continue to amaze me, they are so hungry for truth and for answers. During the Bible discussion time, all of the students in my group eagerly participated and asked really good questions. On Thursday, I got to see two girls accept Christ for the first time. Neither of them had heard the full gospel before. It was so exciting to tell them, Lisa and I took turns explaining things and the girls asked questions until they finally understood. I think my favorite part of the gospel is when students realize they can’t get to God on their own, and then we get to tell them about who Jesus is!! You can just see it on their faces, they’re overwhelmed by how far from God they are and will even ask us what can fix the separation. Many have heard of Jesus but have no idea that he is the one who bridges the gap between our holy God and us unholy people. It’s ridiculously exciting.

On Thursday, we leave for our mid-project retreat. Pray that it is a refreshing time of community and rest. We’ll be having some “clear-the-air” time for conflict resolution, so pray for us to have humility, grace, and courage to talk about anything that needs to be resolved.

Thanks to those of you who sent mail, it was SO encouraging, especially when I was home alone!


2 thoughts on “good morning america :)

  1. I’m so thrilled for you that God is giving you front-row seats to lots of those “lightbulb-going-off” moments in evangelism!!!!! Enjoy mid-project retreat! I love you SOOOO much, Sisi!

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