Rainy day thoughts :)

We’ve officially finished our second week in PE! I got to do ministry on four of the five campuses this last week, and it’s so interesting to see how different each of the campuses are from each other. We had up days and down days, but overall we’re feeling super encouraged and we’re so excited to be back on campus Monday!

Today it’s super rainy, and about half of our team (including me) is sick. So we’re taking it easy this weekend, trying to rest up so we can have full energy on Monday. Thanks for praying for Larissa, she’s feeling much better this weekend. Christina had to see a doctor again yesterday, and she’s got a bad infection. Please keep praying for her. We’re excited that the Olympics are in our time zone, it gives us something to do inside while we’re sick. We’re hoping to see penguins this afternoon, and tonight we’re going to watch Dark Knight.

As we’ve finished our second week, we’re all starting to realize that South Africa isn’t quite the “perfect rainbow nation” that it wants the world to think it is. If you dropped an American in PE without telling them where they were, they’d probably assume they were just in a poorer American neighborhood. But there’s little signs everywhere that make you realize that something isn’t quite right. An advertisement for a family funeral plan (boasting up to three kids included!) A little barefoot white girl running across the street with three packs of cigarettes for her mom. The lack of the word “father” in any conversations about family. Children that wear the same clothes every single day. Racial separation everywhere. Homes built in the township by the government that are sloppy and leaky. The government apologizing by giving the people a loaf of bread. Not fixing the houses, giving them a loaf of bread. Some things here are very very wrong.



3 thoughts on “Rainy day thoughts :)

  1. so hard to read the conditions of the place, but very encouraged by what God is doing through all that you are sharing, keeping praying for you guys to get healthier, and had fun watching Dark Knight, best movie evar!

  2. Those are such real reminders of brokenness. It’s good to notice these things and not be ostriches. I’m so glad you guys are there to give people hope… and for the people who may not be aware that something is wrong, to help them THIRST for hope!

    Hope you feel better, Annabelle!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Anna! I definitely will be praying…sorry to hear that you guys are being attacked with sicknesses. That’s really intense! I could imagine how hard it is to be on campus while being under the weather. Praying for strength and quick healing! Also, for the broken nation 😦 Love you lots friend! Give a hello to Tyler for me.

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