zebras and penguins and boks OH MY!

I only have a bit of time today so this post may be a little scattered 🙂 

  • We finished up our time in the township last friday. Some of the university students joined us, which was great. Everyone was so sad to go, I think we all learned just as much as the kids while we were there. 
  • We attended our first braai (SA bbq) on Saturday. Nick, one of the STINTers, hosted it, and we ate so much meat. Lamb, chicken, beef, sausage…so good. We also got to meet some of the students, and we had a great time around the fire telling jokes and scary stories.
  • Thanks for praying for Christina. She’s been able to go to campus this week with us which was a huge answer to prayer.
  • In the last four days, I’ve done ministry on three different campuses! Each campus is very different from the next, and it’s a challenge to reach the students in different ways. This week I was on North, South, and Rhodes.
  • Rhodes is a new campus for us and for the STINT team. It’s the most expensive and smallest university in SA, and we drove 1.5hours to get there on Tuesday. The city it’s in, Grahamstown, used to be known as the city of saints, but now it’s fondly referred to as “Sin City.” The culture is much like that of an American school; partying and clubbing are huge, and most students have an agnostic worldview. You know the phrase “YOLO,” short for “you only live once”? Well it fits this school so well that the students are printing shirts that say “YORO” for “you’re only at rhodes once. Our goal is to network with students on this campus and give them the tools to start a Campus Crusade for Christ movement. Shun and I met a girl named Caylin who is craving Christian community. Pray that God will open her heart to the idea of helping start a movement.
  • Our team has seen 10 people accept Christ this week!
  • I got to meet up with a friend from last year named Sonky. She’s a student at North campus, and we’ve been keeping in contact since last summer. It was so encouraging to catch up with her and to see how much she’s grown in her faith.
  • Our plans for the weekend include visiting a beach and rehabilitation center for PENGUINS!
  • Yesterday was Christmas in July. To celebrate, we’re having a Christmas party tonight, complete with dessert and gift exchange!
  • Pray for our team and homesickness. A lot of us are really starting to feel the distance.
  • Pray for Larissa, she’s been pretty sick this week and hasn’t been able to join us on campus. A few others have caught a cold. Pray for health and perseverance.

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