“Welcome Home!”

We are in Port Elizabeth!! Thank you so much for your support, both financial and prayer. 17 of us were able to get on the plane and come, and the one girl who had to stay back chose to do so due to family and financial struggles. Please pray for her, we already miss her so much.Today is the first day we’ve gotten to use the internet, but we’ve been here for four days. It is SO GOOD to be back. We are in the same house on the same street as last year, and as soon as one of our neighbors saw me, she cried “Welcome home!!” It has been so much fun to start reconnecting with neighbors and students. The first two days we had in-country briefing, and we learned about SA history, culture, and student life. We also got to hear the vision for Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa, and the STINT team did a great job describing campus ministry. We all enjoyed Keith’s imitation of a Xhosa student too haha. The girls live in one house and the men are just two doors down. I share a room with two other girls, Hannah and Janelle. We’re still trying to adjust from jet lag, and the food is still bothering our stomachs a little, but we are just about adjusted to life here.

Yesterday we went to a local township (basically a slum) and helped out at a Christian aftercare center for children. The kids absolutely loved playing soccer, singing, and dancing with us. It was so fun to see how the kids have grown and changed in the last year, and I think our team had a lot of fun just loving on them, giving them hugs and holding them. The center, called Jerusalem Ministries, shows Christ’s love to their community in many different ways. They’ve started a school and aftercare program for the local children, and each afternoon the kids learn about God and are fed a meal. For many, this is the only meal they will get all day. There’s an addiction rehab center as well as a workshop where women can learn how to sew and create handicrafts to sell. These are just a few of the services offered by the center, and it was such a privilege to serve alongside the staff. We’ll be going back today and tomorrow. Here’s the link to the website: http://www.jmin.org.za/

Prayer and Praise:

  • Praise God that He provided enough money for us to come!
  • Praise God for the students who are excited to serve alongside our team
  • Pray for Christina, one of my teammates. We took her to the hospital yesterday because she was severely dehydrated from vomiting and nausea. She’s home and doing much better now, but please pray for continued healing.
  • Pray for me as I adjust to being in the same place with a different team and a slightly different role. I’m trying to figure out what exactly my role is, as I am not in a leadership position but am often looked to for advice and direction as it is my second year. 
  • Pray for Jerusalem ministries, that God would continue to bless them, that the children would truly understand the gospel, and that God will continue to provide the money necessary to keep it running.

Here’s my address, letters are one of the most encouraging things for our team. 

21 Cuyler Crescent

Port Elizabeth

Eastern Cape




2 thoughts on ““Welcome Home!”

  1. Hi Anna~ So great to hear from you. We will keep praying for you and that the tummies feel better right away! The Jerusalem Ministries sounds like an intriguing place. I love the idea of the workshops. Love to you, Aunt Susan

  2. Man, what an adventure it’s been to get you back there (back “home,” as the sweet neighbor would say!) Thank you for the update! We’ll be praying for you and your team, Bananna!! Climb a cool-looking tree for me… and take care of your ankle!

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