Briefing tomorrow!


Sooo here’s a lovely map of South Africa, and you can see Port Elizabeth down on the bottom. This is where we’ll be doing ministry, on the campuses of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Essentially we’ll be helping the new CRU movements on the campuses as student leaders begin to step up and weekly meetings are started. We’ll be on campus 4-5 hours each weekday, sharing the gospel with students, connecting with Christians on campus, and discipling the students in the CRU movement. The first week, the university will be closed for a holiday, so we’ll be getting to know the area and likely doing service projects in the local townships. While in PE, we’ll be working with the CRU STINT (short-term international missionary) team. Most of them graduated from Davis, so I know them really well and I’m so excited to join them in ministry!

TOMORROW I’m driving down to LA for briefing, where we’ll be given more information on what we’re doing and where we’ll get to meet the rest of our team! I’m excited but also nervous. I’m FINALLY packed, and am happy to have a lot of extra space in my bags for my soccer ball and American food for the STINTers. Continue to pray for financial support for our team, as we have three days left to reach full support. 


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