“We have a part in the play, but we are not in the main act…God is.” Max Lucado

Three days to briefing and five days to take-off, and I still can’t believe I’m going to South Africa again!!! I’m way past excited…goodness, I’m practically ECSTATIC. I have been so encouraged by the kind words and the financial generosity people have showered on me in the past few months, and I am finally at full support!! You know what blows my mind? Not only does God allow me to be a part of his plan, but he provides everything I need to do so- even $6250! I laugh when I think about the portion that comes from the University of California. Between my job and the UC jobs of many who support me, the university is directly contributing to the spread of God’s love and hope. How great is that?!

Today, as I’ve been packing and organizing, I’ve been struck by how little I deserve this gift. If going to South Africa was determined by merit, wisdom, knowledge, or perfection, there is no way I’d be going. I have so much stuff in my own life to work out with God; I feel inadequate, unprepared, lacking somehow. But I must remind myself: He still CHOOSES me to serve him, and He will work through me and speak through me. Anything I do to serve God is through Christ’s power alone. It’s a sobering truth, but it is so good. I love the quote below; I am so often undone by how far I am from who God made me to be, and I often forget the truth of salvation.

If you are altogether undone by reason of your sin, you are the very person aimed at in the plan if salvation. I say that the Lord of love had just such as you are in His eye when He arranges the system of grace.
Charles Spurgeon

Prayer requests:

  • Safe travels to briefing, and team bonding. The faster our team gets to know each other, the more effective we will be in ministry
  • Peace in the midst of anxiety. Traveling stresses me out, and I hate flying. 
  • Pray that God would already be preparing students’ hearts at NMMU.
  • HUGE REQUEST: our team is still short some money. Please pray that God will provide enough money for each one of us to get to Port Elizabeth.
  • For me, pray that the truth of salvation would constantly be in my mind and that rather than feeling “undone” by sin I would rest in God’s graceImage




3 thoughts on ““We have a part in the play, but we are not in the main act…God is.” Max Lucado

  1. Isn’t that cool how the world says, “Good job! You deserve this! Your team is so lucky to have you!” while God says, “You are totally broken, inadequate, and not entitled to anything good or remotely cool… but I’ve invited you to be a part of my family and plan, anyway. Freaked out? Don’t be– I’ve also imparted MY righteousness, wisdom, boldness, and love onto you.”

    I’d so much rather dwell in God’s truth and worth than nice-sounding lies from people any day! 🙂

    Enjoy South Africa Take 2! I’m praying for you, beautiful friend!!!!!

    • Thanks so much Sam. I was just thinking about you today and how much fun we had in SA last summer together 🙂 I’m praying for you and Steven too, keep me updated!

  2. I think I will focus a lot on your second prayer point………….because I can really relate! I have wondered if I could do something like you are doing, just because traveling is not my strong point! Bless you Anna, My love, Aunt Susan

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