Summer is COMING!

What has Anna been up to this year?

This year has been quite the adventure. I finally got approved to switch majors to International Agriculture Development and I am LOVING my new classes and classmates.  I’ve been doing projects and papers on South Africa all year in my various development classes, and I’ve learned so much more about the people and the government through it.  From global poverty to agriculture, my classes have given me a well-rounded view of life in a developing country like South Africa. I’m also getting a lot of practical hands-on experience as I have six hours of field trips each weeks and intern on a small local CSA farm. I’ve also been leading a freshman Bible study in the dorms and have learned a lot about being patient and waiting on the Lord as the study has had lots of ups and downs.


WHY is Anna going back to South Africa?

Ahhh I love this one.  I haven’t stopped thinking about South Africa since I’ve been back. The students and the STINT team are on my heart and in my prayers, and every chance I get I’m doing another class assignment on South Africa. God has given me a huge passion for what CRU is doing in South Africa. Unlike last year, our team is all students. I am excited to work alongside my teammates and introduce them to ministry and daily life in South Africa. I’m particularly excited about this team because a number of the girls that I led in my Bible study last year will be going, and I’m stoked to continue to watch them take steps faith. Finally, I am considering spending a year in Port Elizabeth after I graduate as an intern for CRU. As I work towards this, I want to get as much experience as possible with ministry in South Africa!

My Verse for the Summer:

Titus 2:11 says “For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people.” My heart was broken last year as I heard so many stories of discouragement, hardship, and hopelessness from the students. Only God can bring them true hope, and by his grace I get to share this with them!


2 thoughts on “Summer is COMING!

  1. So happy for you Anna, love your new major and can’t wait to see what you end up doing with it! My love, Aunt Susan

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