I’m baaaaack…now what?

Yes, I’ve been back for over a week…

Yes, I fail at updating this :p my bad.

BUT I HAVE PHOTOS!!!! see I told you I’d have fun stuff 🙂 You’ll have to bear with me as I didn’t get a chance to take out all the random photos from my facebook albums, but you can just look at the thumbnails and see which photos you actually want to look at 🙂

For township photos:

For campus photos:
KEEP PRAYING for the NMMU CRU movements, they’re still growing and they still need our prayers!
So now what am I up to?
Wellll I go back to Davis on Monday for leadership retreat for CRU, and then the next week we jump into welcome week for the freshmen and then classes start! I’ll be leading a FRESHMAN dorm Bible study again 🙂 super excited about that. But I’m really not wanting to go back to classes and the stress of school. Pray that God helps us effectively plan for and reach out to the students at Davis this quarter, particularly the freshmen and transfers. Also, pray that I would rely on God for strength this quarter and not myself. Thanks 🙂
PS if you want me to keep this blog going, tell me! Or else I’ll probably shut it down…

2 thoughts on “I’m baaaaack…now what?

  1. Well…………..I love to hear what you are up to…………but I always check e-mails and facebook……does that help?????? My love, Aunt Susan

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