Weekly Meeting #3 :D

So this is just a quick update because I’m impatient and can’t possibly wait for another day :p

Today we had our third ever weekly meeting on North Campus…and 17 STUDENTS CAME! This meeting was such an answer to prayer in so many ways. Not only did the people from the other weeks come back, but so many of the students we’ve been talking with and meeting with even in the last week showed up and expressed an interest in being a part of the society. We had a very diverse group, all different ages and majors and races, and in our discussion groups we talked about what it would look like for NMMU CRU to become an Acts 2 kind of community. We’ve been trying to connect students with the STINT team, and many of the students who haven’t met up for follow up were able to meet the STINTers today at the meeting. Students are bringing their friends, and quite a few are sharing their faith on campus with us and participating in discipleship. It’s so amazing to see what God has done in just four weeks!  So yes, that was our exciting day 🙂



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