Last Week in PE

So this begins our last week on campus. We’re spending a lot of time this week connecting students with the STINT team who will stay another semester and discipling them. It’s been so cool to see students start to catch the vision of spreading the gospel to their friends and classmates, and some have been joining us when we go out and share our faith. As exhausted as we are, we’re still having awesome conversations, and this reminds us that everything happening here is God’s doing and not ours. Without the strength of the Holy Spirit in us, there’s no way we’d be as effective. Students on North Campus have started stepping up in the last week to help lead the weekly meetings. I met with a girl named Sonky who is so enthusiastic about our new weekly meeting. She kept saying, “If everyone just brings one friend EVERY week, we can grow!” I also had the opportunity to start doing follow-up with Sakhe, and one of the STINTers came with me. We talked for about an hour of how you can be certain that Christ has saved you and is in your life. Sakhe often gets caught up in the idea that you can work your way into a relationship with God, but she’s finally understanding that it’s by God’s doing alone and by his gracious gift of Christ that she can have that relationship. “This isn’t what my church teaches,” she said. It’s super common here for churches to teach that you can work your way to heaven, most students have never understood the grace side of the gospel. Pray that she will continue to do follow-up with Rachel after I leave and that she’ll get plugged into the movement. Pray for Sonky, that she will be able to share her heart and vision with the other students in the group and get them just as excited as she is about spreading the gospel.

In other news…

We have a hyrax living in our backyard. We named him Bucky. I think he lives in the hole under the house. Unless he lives in the random outhouse that’s in the middle of the garden.

I went surfing. Or, rather, attempted surfing. So much fun. So much pain. So much sea water up my nose.

Rugby is way more beastly than football. We went to a game and had fun cheering on the EP Kings. Well, them and the kids next to us that spent the entire game dancing and singing. Actually, I’m pretty sure I missed at least 20 scrums because I was watching the kids.

Amelia is sitting with me and reading over my shoulder. She’s pretty awesome. Good thing she goes to Davis or else I’d be super sad because she keeps me sane and we figure out things about God together.


One thought on “Last Week in PE

  1. Hello dear Anna,
    Wonderful to read your new message. Saved by God’s grace and not by works is a big issue here, as you probably know! I understand! Glory to God! My love, Aunt Susan

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