Happy Women’s Day!

So none of the students can tell us what this holiday is actually about…but they CAN tell us that no one goes to class the day before and that the only thing they’re going to do today is sleep. So apparently we get a day off! Our front door didn’t want to let me and Monika out this morning, but with five minutes of struggling we got it unlocked. Well, we got the gate unlocked. The door, unfortunately, is totally broken. This house is crazy.

Although campus was almost deserted yesterday, I met again with a girl named Sakhe who had told me she wanted to commit her life to Christ by herself at home. So we were checking in with her again, and she totally did it and she’s reading Matthew and LOVING it! It’s so neat to see how much she’s opening up with us and how she wants to grow and be discipled. She brought one of her quieter friends along to meet us too. One thing we’ve learned is to expect everyone to know everyone and to bring each other to discipleship or follow-up even if they don’t tell you anyone else is coming. It’s fun, you never know how many people might show up or drop in halfway through. Pray for Sakhe to keep coming and to get plugged in with the movement.

In other news, our retreat was great and we definitely became a family this weekend. We did some refocusing and clearing the air and conflict resolution, which was super encouraging. We also went on a safari and got dangerously close to some very giant lions. So much fun!


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