weekly meeting :)

Hey all!

Just a quick update on our weekly meeting yesterday…

SUCCESS!!! North Campus has officially started a CRU meeting on Thursdays, and we had not five, not ten, but FIFTEEN students show up! We’ve been praying for men especially as South Campus has a lot more women than men in their movement, and 12 of our 15 students were men. They enjoyed the meeting, and quite a few stayed afterwards to talk and laugh at the monkeys attacking people with food.

Well we’re off to mid-project retreat, so I’d better get going. Thanks for your prayers!




2 thoughts on “weekly meeting :)

  1. love the updates, concerned for the rolled ankle (that’s what it sounded like to me), but thankful that God is moving mightily through you all, despite you all, and never without you all (if that makes any sense)

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