Mid-project Update!!!

Hoe gaan dit?

(for those of you who don’t speak Afrikaans, how are you?)

We are partway through week two on campus, and tomorrow will be our first CRU meeting on North Campus, as well as the first meetings on the Missionvale and Second Avenue campuses! We’re very excited that students on South Campus have taken the initiative to help run the meeting there and have started sharing their faith on campus with us. Pray for the STINT team, the six of them have been spread really thin these weeks…no one was expecting over 20 people to accept Christ in the first week! Praise God! We’re trying to connect them all with the STINT team, as they’ll be the ones doing discipleship after we leave, but it’s hard with so many people. Also it’s hard to get the students to commit to meeting up with you, I can’t tell you how many times they say they’ll be there and don’t actually show up. Most of the students here are familiar with the Christian faith, but no one has ever told them that it doesn’t rely on what you do but rather on what Christ has already done. They’ve never heard about having a personal relationship with God, and they definitely don’t understand what the Holy Spirit is. But the great thing is that they actively discuss these things with one another, so starting conversations is easy, and they’re so eager to learn. We’ve talked to Afrikaaner, Xhosa, Zulu, and Indian students ranging from athiests to Muslims to Mormons. Pray that God continues to give us the words to say and that he keeps opening hearts and encouraging students to take the movement as their own.

This weekend is our mid-project retreat, and we’re excited to get out of PE and see some wild animals and spend some time in Ado Elephant Park reflecting on what God is doing here. We’re all stoked to get some extra rest time, and we’ll be going on a safari on Sunday. Pray for safety on the road and for the team to come even closer together.

Other prayer requests: 2 girls have mysterious rashes, and I stepped off a curb wrong and crunched my foot so it’s all swollen. Also some people are pretty burned out and some are homesick, so pray for renewed strength and energy.

Thank you so much! Glory to God!



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