Noxolo :)

Time seems to be going by so fast! It’s already Wednesday, and we’ve been on campus for three days now. Between our team and the other CRU team here, we’ve seen 9 people accept Christ on 4 different NMMU campuses! I just wanted to share one of the stories with you.

Monday was so cold and so rainy, but it was our first day on campus and we were pretty excited. I went out with Monika to talk with some students, and we sat down at a table with three girls, Bosiswa, Noxolo, and Nyameka. They were really friendly, and since they were all first year students, they were eager to make more friends. We found out that, like most students here, they had grown up in Christian families, and we offered to go through a booklet we have that explains the gospel with them. In the US, people get suspicious when you pull out a booklet, but the students here really respond to it well and are eager to go through it. It was really exciting because the girls had bits and pieces of the gospel but no one had ever helped them understand how it all  fit together and how it applied to their lives. Nyami and Noxi (their nicknames) discussed the whole thing with each other and bounced questions, doubts, and insights off one another. Once they finally understood the whole gospel in its entirety for the first time, we asked them if that was what they wanted for their lives. Noxi said that she wanted to pray right away, and she accepted Christ right there in the dining area! And her first response totally blew me away- “Can you teach me how to tell my friends about this?” God is so good!

We have a set of follow-up studies, so we met with Noxi again the next day and both her friends came again. They really dug into the truths of the study and honestly admited their fears of commiting to Christ. Partway through, another friend of theirs joined and heard the gospel as well. We are excited to continue follow-up with them.

PRAY for these girls and for the other students who have accepted Christ, that they would really understand their faith and have a desire to share it. Pray for all the campuses, as we have about 6 people on each talking with students every day.


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