This Is Africa.

One of our favorite phrases to use is “T.I.A.” Basically, this is Africa. There’s no telling what will happen next.

Dodge a bull in the middle of a major road?

This is Africa.

See a beautiful suburb just across the street from a township with shacks as far as you can see?

This is Africa.

We’ve eaten more meat than vegetables.

Traffic signals are just suggestions, and speed bumps launch those in the back seat into the air. Because the back seat isn’t hooked to the car.

Every child has their own extremely confusing handshake and insists on doing it with you.

Car horns are fondly called “hooters,” leading to endless jokes.

Time is relative. So much in fact that “now” has multiple meanings. If you say “now now” then it’s within the next half hour. But if you hear “just now,” you could be waiting anywhere from fifteen minutes to three days. Church at nine? Well it may start at 8:30…or 12…

This is Africa. I LOVE IT!!!


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