Xhosa church

Happy Sunday!

Right now we’re in the STINT team apartment having dinner. We just finished our second session of in-country briefing and we’re really excited to get started tomorrow! All our bags have finally made it so everyone has clean clothes, and we had quite the experience grocery shopping yesterday. Our houses are pretty nice, and we love playing with all the kids on our street anytime we’re home.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to prayer walk on the North and South campuses of NMMU. We actually met a few students who got here early (the rest won’t arrive for another week), and we are so excited because everyone is really friendly and we’ve heard that it’s much easier to share the gospel with students here than in the States.

This morning we went to a Xhosa church in the Walmar township, an area densely populated by black Xhosa-speaking people. The language is really fun to listen to because it’s full of clicks! We’ve had fun trying to pronounce names. The church service was interesting because it was a very charismatic church, and we got a good feel for the religious background many of the university students come from.

This week we’ll be working with Jerusalem Ministries, which provides an afterschool program for kids ages 5-17. We’ll be helping with a short VBS-style program each day in the afternoons. In the mornings we’ll be given the opportunity to go to an apartheid museum, get familiar with Port Elizabeth and the surrounding townships, and do a painting service project. Pray for the kids we’ll be working with and for their families, that our actions and attitudes would be a testimony to the Lord working in us.

Well it looks like it’s time for the famous bacon-banana pizza. Thanks for your prayer and support!


One thought on “Xhosa church

  1. Happy Day Anna!
    our love from Salt Lake. Julia and I are participating in a children’s evangelism ministry at Murray park this week. God Bless all the children! Aunt Susan

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