After 22 hours of flying, we finally made it to South Africa! Unfortunately 11 of our 14 bags are missing, but everyone is so happy to be here anyways. We’re with the STINT team here and getting settled in our lovely apartments with ocean views. We got to drive through campus on the way from the airport, so now we can visualize everything better. The flights were long, the first one was delayed two hours and we almost missed the next two, but we got into some great conversations with the other passengers. We met a ton of college students who go to school in South Africa, even one who goes to NMMU!

Pray for patience and rest as we’re all exhausted and a little stressed about the bags (thankfully mine made it). Thank God for this amazing opportunity and pray that he prepares us for the work we’ll be doing here.


2 thoughts on “HI FROM PORT ELIZABETH!!!

  1. Hi Anna!
    I just saw on facebook that you are in South Africa! Give the country a big hug and kiss for me! Oh how I miss it. Beware, “once you’ve tasted the waters of africa…” well, you’ll find out 😉 Enjoy every moment, it will go by too fast. Godspeed!

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