On my way!

I’m finally on my way to SOUTH AFRICA!

Thanks to all of your financial support, I hit 126% of my goal! Thank you so much, the extra will go to other students who haven’t finished raising money yet. We meet for briefing in Torrance, CA tomorrow and then fly out late Wednesday night. We have 22 hours of flying, not including two layovers, and then we’re in Port Elizabeth!!

Yesterday was a flurry of packing and re-packing into different bags, and my cousins picked me up at 9 last night. We stopped partway to sleep, and now we’re on our way to Santa Monica to visit Sarah 🙂 I’m really excited to start project but definitely nervous, mostly about getting to know so many new people. I know once I get going, I’ll love it and not want to come back.

Please pray for the safety of everyone traveling to project and for peace and team bonding.Pray that God is already preparing the team we’ll be working with and everyone we are going to meet.

Thanks again for your support and for praying for us!


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